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Christmas is here, and its the time when I normally take a couple of weeks down time, and get ready for the New Year! 

So I will be closing shop from Wednesday afternoon (21st December), and will probably be back in the office on 9th January.  Probably being operative, as I am waiting for surgery, which might delay this by a week.  I will be in and out of the office over this period of time, so will sort through the emails, but be aware that it might be a few days before you get an answer.

Like colouring in?  Remember Bunka kits give the same relaxing intent as using a colouring pencil, but if you do not like the combination, with Bunka you can change colours without a problem.  Two of our newer kits (A327 Rose Bouquet/A328 Daisy Bouquet) are easy to 'colour-in' and these two are also available as Fabric only so you can use up your excess yarns, and create your own colour scheme. (for fabric only order FA327/FA328 - adding the F prefix, indicates Fabric only.)

This is a special time of year for many as we acknowledge our Saviour's birth, and as such I pray that you might know HIS joy and comfort at this time, and into the New Year. 

Looking forward to 2017, and all it will bring,

With our wishes

Lorna & staff




No need to tell you that Christmas is here, which means the end of the Year, and that 2017 is about to start.

Time for New Years Resolutions, as we look back and think forward ....  A time to look at enjoying each day and make the most of them.  One way to have something to show, is to spend some time doing Bunka, your design will grow quickly, and you will have something solid to show at the end of an hour or two.  We have some new and exciting designs coming up soon, useful for the beginner, the experienced and for those with plenty of yarn that they would like to use up.

Plus keep your eye out for other ways Bunka can be used, besides being behind glass and hanging on your wall!

Note we will be closed for a few weeks from Christmas, so if you are needing anything for the holidays, probably good to get in touch quickly, so we can get the items off to you.



Enhancing the Home.

Klema’s Punch Embroidery kits include the printed fabric and all instructions needed to complete your project. When finished they are ready to be displayed in your home (or Office) or make a beautiful gift to share with family and friends. You can add your own frame and/ or mount to finish them off.

Klema’s Punch Embroidery designs, come in a variety of sizes, from Postcard size up. Most are mounted under glass in a frame, and displayed on the wall. They will enhance any home or office.

When doing public displays, with having some Pictures on display, I find it amusing as I listen in to passers by debating their origin. Many come up with a painting, occasionally, as embroidery, most commenting that it is very fine work, until they actually stop and see how it is achieved!

I am constantly surprised as to the number of people who think that all embroidery is either cross-stitch or tapestry, and that is what some member of their family do. But if they stop long enough to take a breath, they soon discover it is different, and often comment, ‘Why, even I could do that!’. And this comment comes from both genders, with many men seeing the advantage of being able to relax and create.

Now you have checked the news Visit the Klema Shop and be Inspired

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