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Klema’s Unique Stitch Perfection Needle


Klema’s Punch Embroidery makes their own needles in the factory in Bethania (just south of Brisbane in Queensland). Our quality control demands the highest standard, and we find these needles are in demand all over the world.

When released into the market, this needle received a mixed response. When given the opportunity to try the currently available, along with the new, one did not have to try and convince anyone as to which was the better. We had a few who could not get their head around the lack of second hole in the shaft, but apart from that, most found the ‘Stitch Perfection Needle’ did a perfect job.

These needles are hand made individually on site here at Head Office, and are individualy tested before being sold. Occasionally one might slip through the system, but be aware they are guaranteed, so we are happy to replace should you have a problem.

They are rather hardy, but dropping the needle on its point is definitely not recommended! Also, it is suggested that you make sure, when pushing the needle full depth into the fabric, that you do not hit the table top underneath. If this should happen, and you burr the point, we can tweak the point, for a small charge, saving the necessity of having to buy a new one.

These needles come with a ‘Red Sleeve’ which, when removed gives a longer loop pile under the work, or if working with an item to be ‘fluffed’ this will give you a larger loop, which will give a better finish when teased. In other words, with the sleeve on, it is the regular length of most current needles, which will be the majority of your work. Taking the sleeve off, will give a greater/longer loop, which is ideal if you are going to ‘fluff’ up your work.

We also find that sometimes when doing our ‘Instant French Knots’ or ‘Rosette’ stitch, these will be larger, if the sleeve is removed before working.

The main shaft of the needle (the white section) is close to a regular pen/pencil size, and suitable for those with mobility problems to slip on a commercial pencil grip to help with holding this needle.

These needles are simple to thread, and come automatically with their own long Needle Threader. (These threaders are also available in packets of three, should the need arise.)

To order your Stitch Perfection Needles - just ckick here!

Explore our Unique Klema Designs

Klema’s Punch Embroidery uses Australian artists and photographs to help develop designs that are uniquely Australian. Visit our online shop to see them, and other selected designs from around the world.

With our designs, we have sourced a variety of concepts to reproduce in a stitched format. This has caused us to look at various stitching techniques to match some of our rugged bushland, and these stitches are explained in the kits where they appear.

Many of the designs have come off photographs, taken from around Australia, some, like the Jacaranda Homestead, (A603) is a combination of 5 different photo’s being merged into one.

We have been given permission to use all reproductions from whatever their source.  Some paintings have been done by local artists, like A611 Bellevue (Paul Miller), A401 Cockatoo’s Delight, being painted by Carla, a local lass who was 16 year old at the time, and some of the sepia designs (A607 Times Past, and A608 Bush Hut) coming off designs by Rosemarie.  A305 Frogs in the Dreamtime and A313 Old Man Emu, were painted by an Aboriginal artist.

As a result of an overseas trip, we have extended our range to include some designs from Africa and Europe. These are part of the Global Range, and are not typically Australian! You will note with our coding for most of our designs, we have an ‘A’ in front of their number, and those with ‘G’ are from this Global range. An example being G354 Zebra’s, which is a combination of 3 photo’s.)

Exceptions to designs with colour coding, will be the Card Sets where there is a variety of coloured backing fabrics and a selection of various coloured yarns, so you can select your own combination. This helps to make each one unique. The other exception is GS50 Swiss Planter (again from our Global range), which has the photo actually printed on the fabric, and you fill in the bits, like highlighting the flowers and plants. This particular photo was taken at 8 o’clock at night on the outskirts of Geneva!

Most of the designs have a history, so if interested contact us and we can fill you in on their original source.

Klema proudly supplies Complete Kits.

At Klema’s Punch Embroidery we combine our own patterns and designs with the best available yarns as a complete package, so you can instantly start to create your own work of Art. A real heritage gift to share.

Klema’s kits come complete, in a resealable plastic bag. The backing fabric has been screen printed with the design outline. This has the sections/areas numbered to correspond to the colour yarn to be used to fill in that area, and often have arrows to indicate which direction one should stitch. Direction is reasonably important, as this gives the design depth/dimension, and helps the finished article to look more like an Oil Painting, than actual stitching.

The kits come with a colour reproduction of the finished picture (not an artists impression) and there is a duplicate of the printed outline on paper, to help keep track of colours and areas that need to be filled in. These often have suggestions as to where to start or what to look out for, when working the design, and if we have introduced a technique, that is not basic, then this is covered with directions on how to achieve this particular stitch. These kits also include the very basic stitching instructions, so a rank beginner can tackle these items with confidence.

With most of our kits, you will find that the backing fabric, is used as part of the design, so often the sky does not have to be filled in, as the backing fabric is light blue.

One will note that most of the designs are for mounting under glass, and when framed can be displayed on the wall.

Now you have checked the news Visit the Klema Shop and be Inspired

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