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Klema’s Punch Embroidery

Klema concentrates on ‘Bunka Punch Embroidery’ which is a traditional Japanese handcraft. Working from the front of the project, not the back, you see your creation growing in front of your eyes. Klema’s Punch Embroidery has developed some uniquely Australian designs especially for you.

Klema started importing Bunka into Australia in 1992, when we found a ready market for this unique stitching method. As we became familiar with the product, we found that many of Australian Flora and Fauna suited this method beautifully, and so started producing our own designs featuring these items.

Using the same basic principles of stitching, we have adapted their kit format, being the fabric being pre-printed, and colour coded, so one can reproduce these stunning designs. The kits come with all the yarn necessary to complete the item, along with hints, and explanations, particularly when another technique has been introduced in the design. One of the main benefits being, one does not need to be artistic to be able to produce these works of art.

When it came to sharing the basics, we found that folk could stitch a greeting card within a couple of hours, and have something to show, finished and ready to take home. The demand for these grew and we have since released Card Kits for folk to do, out of class time.

With some experimentation, we have developed our popular ‘Stitch Perfection Needle’, (which replaced the two lengths of needle available on the market in the one item) and our ‘Pin Pusher’, the ideal tool for putting the Drawing Pins / tacks into the fabric, when pinning up, and also very useful when it is time to pull the pins out, once your item is completed.

All designs and tools are manufactured at Head Office/Showrooms, in Bethania, a suburb, half an hours drive south of Brisbane, in Queensland.

Remember, if in the area, you are more than welcome to drop in and say Hi!

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