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Explore our Unique Klema Designs

Klema’s Punch Embroidery uses Australian artists and photographs to help develop designs that are uniquely Australian. Visit our online shop to see them, and other selected designs from around the world.

With our designs, we have sourced a variety of concepts to reproduce in a stitched format. This has caused us to look at various stitching techniques to match some of our rugged bushland, and these stitches are explained in the kits where they appear.

Many of the designs have come off photographs, taken from around Australia, some, like the Jacaranda Homestead, (A603) is a combination of 5 different photo’s being merged into one.

We have been given permission to use all reproductions from whatever their source.  Some paintings have been done by local artists, like A611 Bellevue (Paul Miller), A401 Cockatoo’s Delight, being painted by Carla, a local lass who was 16 year old at the time, and some of the sepia designs (A607 Times Past, and A608 Bush Hut) coming off designs by Rosemarie.  A305 Frogs in the Dreamtime and A313 Old Man Emu, were painted by an Aboriginal artist.

As a result of an overseas trip, we have extended our range to include some designs from Africa and Europe. These are part of the Global Range, and are not typically Australian! You will note with our coding for most of our designs, we have an ‘A’ in front of their number, and those with ‘G’ are from this Global range. An example being G354 Zebra’s, which is a combination of 3 photo’s.)

Exceptions to designs with colour coding, will be the Card Sets where there is a variety of coloured backing fabrics and a selection of various coloured yarns, so you can select your own combination. This helps to make each one unique. The other exception is GS50 Swiss Planter (again from our Global range), which has the photo actually printed on the fabric, and you fill in the bits, like highlighting the flowers and plants. This particular photo was taken at 8 o’clock at night on the outskirts of Geneva!

Most of the designs have a history, so if interested contact us and we can fill you in on their original source.

Now you have checked the news Visit the Klema Shop and be Inspired

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