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Klema’s Unique Stitch Perfection Needle


Klema’s Punch Embroidery makes their own needles in the factory in Bethania (just south of Brisbane in Queensland). Our quality control demands the highest standard, and we find these needles are in demand all over the world.

When released into the market, this needle received a mixed response. When given the opportunity to try the currently available, along with the new, one did not have to try and convince anyone as to which was the better. We had a few who could not get their head around the lack of second hole in the shaft, but apart from that, most found the ‘Stitch Perfection Needle’ did a perfect job.

These needles are hand made individually on site here at Head Office, and are individualy tested before being sold. Occasionally one might slip through the system, but be aware they are guaranteed, so we are happy to replace should you have a problem.

They are rather hardy, but dropping the needle on its point is definitely not recommended! Also, it is suggested that you make sure, when pushing the needle full depth into the fabric, that you do not hit the table top underneath. If this should happen, and you burr the point, we can tweak the point, for a small charge, saving the necessity of having to buy a new one.

These needles come with a ‘Red Sleeve’ which, when removed gives a longer loop pile under the work, or if working with an item to be ‘fluffed’ this will give you a larger loop, which will give a better finish when teased. In other words, with the sleeve on, it is the regular length of most current needles, which will be the majority of your work. Taking the sleeve off, will give a greater/longer loop, which is ideal if you are going to ‘fluff’ up your work.

We also find that sometimes when doing our ‘Instant French Knots’ or ‘Rosette’ stitch, these will be larger, if the sleeve is removed before working.

The main shaft of the needle (the white section) is close to a regular pen/pencil size, and suitable for those with mobility problems to slip on a commercial pencil grip to help with holding this needle.

These needles are simple to thread, and come automatically with their own long Needle Threader. (These threaders are also available in packets of three, should the need arise.)

To order your Stitch Perfection Needles - just ckick here!

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