Christmas is here, and its the time when I normally take a couple of weeks down time, and get ready for the New Year! 

So I will be closing shop from Wednesday afternoon (21st December), and will probably be back in the office on 9th January.  Probably being operative, as I am waiting for surgery, which might delay this by a week.  I will be in and out of the office over this period of time, so will sort through the emails, but be aware that it might be a few days before you get an answer.

Like colouring in?  Remember Bunka kits give the same relaxing intent as using a colouring pencil, but if you do not like the combination, with Bunka you can change colours without a problem.  Two of our newer kits (A327 Rose Bouquet/A328 Daisy Bouquet) are easy to 'colour-in' and these two are also available as Fabric only so you can use up your excess yarns, and create your own colour scheme. (for fabric only order FA327/FA328 - adding the F prefix, indicates Fabric only.)

This is a special time of year for many as we acknowledge our Saviour's birth, and as such I pray that you might know HIS joy and comfort at this time, and into the New Year. 

Looking forward to 2017, and all it will bring,

With our wishes

Lorna & staff