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Klema’s Punch Embroidery

Klema concentrates on ‘Bunka Punch Embroidery’ which is a traditional Japanese handcraft. Working from the front of the project, not the back, you see your creation growing in front of your eyes. Klema’s Punch Embroidery has developed some uniquely Australian designs especially for you.

Klema started importing Bunka into Australia in 1992, when we found a ready market for this unique stitching method. As we became familiar with the product, we found that many of Australian Flora and Fauna suited this method beautifully, and so started producing our own designs featuring these items.

Using the same basic principles of stitching, we have adapted their kit format, being the fabric being pre-printed, and colour coded, so one can reproduce these stunning designs. The kits come with all the yarn necessary to complete the item, along with hints, and explanations, particularly when another technique has been introduced in the design. One of the main benefits being, one does not need to be artistic to be able to produce these works of art.

When it came to sharing the basics, we found that folk could stitch a greeting card within a couple of hours, and have something to show, finished and ready to take home. The demand for these grew and we have since released Card Kits for folk to do, out of class time.

With some experimentation, we have developed our popular ‘Stitch Perfection Needle’, (which replaced the two lengths of needle available on the market in the one item) and our ‘Pin Pusher’, the ideal tool for putting the Drawing Pins / tacks into the fabric, when pinning up, and also very useful when it is time to pull the pins out, once your item is completed.

All designs and tools are manufactured at Head Office/Showrooms, in Bethania, a suburb, half an hours drive south of Brisbane, in Queensland.

Remember, if in the area, you are more than welcome to drop in and say Hi!

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Klema at your Show or Event.

Klema’s friendly staff visit selected shows and craft events all over South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Contact us to arrange a visit. We can also train demonstrators and help you understand this satisfying pastime, that will enrich your life.

Although Bunka is simple to do, it does look complicated, and I find it difficult to explain exactly how to do it, without a visible aid!! Hence doing shows! This maybe to a small group of interested people, being a demonstration or a simple class (achieving a finished Greeting card within 2 hours). It could be at the local school fete, a craft show, or somewhere we can set up a stand, and demonstrate, as the general public pass by.

Comments like, where have you been all my life!! Even I could do that!! These help add to the enjoyment of the day, as they are then offered the opportunity to have a go.

If you can hold a pencil and like colouring in, you can achieve some spectacular results without years of learning the skills needed. A little pride in your work, along with enjoying yourself, help to bring these designs to life.

You do not need to be artistic, the kits come with the design already printed on the fabric (no counting or guessing where to go!). These are colour coded, along with arrows for the direction of stitching (as this helps with the realism of the design). Included with the fabric, you have all the yarn necessary to achieve the finished project, a paper copy of the design, in case you loose track of a colour or area, and this also includes some hints to help you achieve a great result.

Cannot get to a show, not in the area? We do have a YouTube on the basic’s so you can see visibly how to !! (Klema’s Punch Embroidery—if you just type in Klema, you are likely to get a lesson on how to play a guitar!!)

If you want to invite us to your show, or you want to host a class, or even have private classes, please click the link and send us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP (Contact Form).

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Bunka shishu (????), in English often shortened to "bunka"; is a form of Japanese embroidery originating around the turn of the 20th century. Bunka artists use a specialized embroidery needle and rayon threads to create very detailed pictures that some liken to oil paintings. Typical subjects include people, living things (traditionally fish), and traditional Japanese scenes.

Bunka is considered a form of punchneedle technique, and the rayon threads used are woven in a chainette format, which, when opened, gives a boucle texture to the yarn. Unlike other embroidery techniques, however, bunka is worked from the front of the fabric rather than the back.

Unlike some other forms of embroidery, bunka is fragile and is usually presented as artwork rather than as clothing adornment. Bunka has gained in popularity since the advent of numbered kits, which provide a step-by-step guide to producing artwork.


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As you can see we have a fresh and exciting new web site.


Our old site got hacked and stopped working. So we have built a new and exciting site.


As well there are some new features including a forum area where you can share ideas with us and with each other.

We are building an events calendar (classes and shows) and a few other special things.

Please browse and explore, all our existing customers will receive an invitation to join the site and newcomers will be welcomed.

Enjoy the site and keep coming back.

Thank you for your support and encouragment.


Lorna and the Klema Team.


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Klema’s Introduction to Bunka Punch Embroidery

Lorna & Stuart Robinson, under the ‘Klema’ name, started importing the Japanese range of Bunka Punch Embroidery Kits in August 1992, along with the yarn and accessories. As they became familiar with the product they saw the potential for the Australian Flora and Fauna designs and started working on producing these into a similar format, as this gave the designs realism. In the beginning, with the product being so unknown, they felt that a small sample design would be a great way to introduce folk to the product, hence the Greeting cards were introduced to go with the class activity.

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What is Bunka Punch Embroidery?

The word ‘Bunka’ means culture  in Japanese.  Bunka Punch  Embroidery had its origin in Japan in the 1930’s with its intended principles borrowed from the European form of Punch Embroidery (now more commonly known as ‘Russian’ or 'European' embroidery – with many companies putting their own spin on it.) It differs from other forms of embroidery, with the project being worked from the front of the fabric rather than from behind. So the work can be seen at all times and you are not working "blind".

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